Posted by Omar Baddar on November 21, 2017 in Blog

Screen_Shot_2017-11-21_at_1.45.48_PM.pngIn an effort to achieve “the ultimate deal” to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Trump administration is applying unprecedented pressure to that end. But instead of applying the pressure where it’s needed, on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who has consistently ensured the failure of peace efforts through a unilateral policy of illegal settlement expansion, the Trump administration is applying pressure on the victims instead. That pressure has gone as far as to threaten the closure of the Palestinian delegation’s office in Washington, DC, which serves as the unofficial Palestinian embassy in the US. We think these measures are unjustified, wrong-headed, and counterproductive. That’s why we joined several local and national community organizations to issue this letter as a response on behalf of our community.

Read the full letter to Secretary of State Tillerson here