Posted by Tess Waggoner on November 06, 2019 in Blog

Arab American Annissa Essaibi-George has won re-election to her seat as Boston City Councilor-At-Large. Annissa finished in second place, in a tightly contested four-way race that brought unprecedented diversity to the Boston city council. Annissa will return to the City Council as a strong advocate for her local community, championing education, mental health and small business growth. This was her third campaign, and second successful election.

Essaibi-George has a long track record as a public servant and community advocate. She worked as an educator at East Boston High School before running for office. Now, she will bring her leadership and experience to this new session, continuing her advocacy for the dignity and safety of impoverished Bostonians, and for creative solutions to the challenges of urban governance, including supporting local businesses and securing safe and affordable housing for all residents.

As a member of AAI’s Arab American Leadership Council, we have been glad to work with Annissa as a participant in our pioneering peer learning program, the U.S.-MENA Experiential Partnership. The Partnership is a one of a kind initiative spearheaded by the Arab American Institute Foundation, with support from the U.S. State Department’s Middle East Partnership Initiative that pairs Arab American public servants with newly-elected officials in the Middle East and North Africa region for a year-long co-mentorship exchange that champions decentralization, good governance and public private partnerships. Annissa is proud of her family’s immigration stories and her Polish and Tunisian heritage. Earlier this year, during an experiential learning trip to Tunisia as part of the U.S.-MENA Experiential Partnership, the story of Annissa’s Tunisian father’s immigration to the United States and her tenacious success story in Boston politics were an inspiration to her Tunisian peers, who are just starting to build their own democratic institutions post-revolution. Annissa’s track record of breaking barriers for female representation in Boston electoral politics served as exactly the kind of peer modeling the program strives to encourage.

AAIF sends their congratulations to Annissa, and wishes her good luck in her next term as Councilor-At-Large in Boston.