Posted on August 24, 2010 in Arab American Institute

Arab Voices is now available in paperback with a new section on the Arab Spring. The book, and the polling it is based on, have proved invaluable to many analysts and policy makers as they try to better understand the changes taking place in the region

As our supporters and friends know, AAI President Jim Zogby has spent the past three decades securing the political empowerment of Arab Americans. He, along with AAI's leadership and staff, have led voter registration, education and mobilization efforts that have helped move Arab Americans into the political mainstream. And in the process, he has engaged many policy makers and opinion leaders on the contributions and importance of the Arab American community.

At the same time, he has also engaged countless heads of state, journalists, intellectuals, and taxi drivers throughout the Arab word on the very issues that have defined our times. Whether it is his work at Zogby International or writing his weekly column for 20 Arab newspapers or by hosting his weekly award-winning call-in news program on Abu Dhabi television, Jim has been in the middle of it all - helping Arabs better understand America and encouraging Americans to better understand the Arab world.

That experience has afforded him an unparalleled perspective and he shares it with readers for the first time in his new book, Arab Voices. The book brings into stark relief the myths, assumptions, and biases that hold us back from understanding the people of the Arab world. Here, Jim debuts a brand new, comprehensive poll, bringing numbers to life so that we can base policy and perception on the real world, rather than on a conjured reality.

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