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Today, the Arab American Institute (AAI), along with the American Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC) helped convene a national business roundtable at the White House on promoting investment and economic development in the new Middle East. The Arab American delegation, led by AAI President Jim Zogby and AACC Chairman Ahmed Chebbani, was made up of several dozen business leaders, and they met with high-ranking Administration officials. The meeting was opened by Austan Goolsbee, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors, and focused on the effects of recent political shifts in the region and the role Arab Americans can play in creating sustainable economies.

Commenting on the meeting, Jim Zogby said:

"The political shifts and changes occurring in a number of Arab countries present Arab American business leaders with an important opportunity to encourage economic growth in the Middle East and to usher in a new era of sound and fruitful business ties between the U.S. and Arab world."

Among the over a dozen high-ranking officials who met with the Arab American delegation were White House Business Council Executive Director Ari Matusiak, Senior Director for Development and Democracy on the National Security Staff Gayle Smith, US Trade Development Agency Regional Director Carl Kress, among others. More information to come. 

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