Posted on August 22, 2012 in Arab American Institute

From the moment the first sizable group of Arab American immigrants began arriving in the United States, our community has sought political inclusion and embraced its civic responsibility. Despite the significant external challenges we face, Arab Americans are moving forward to solidify our place in our country’s political process.Today, we are proudly represented in Mayor’s offices and Governors mansions, in White House cabinets and in foreign service, from the U.S. Capital to statehouses around the nation.
In 2012, Arab Americans are on the ballot, to be sure. But we’re also running campaigns and running the parties. We are delegates and volunteers, commentators and counselors. And, above all, we are voters.
We are representing our community, our states, and our nation in record numbers, in positions we are honored to hold, and responsibilities we are proud to accept--that is the story of Arab Americans at our national conventions.



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