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Arab Americans have had few prominent roles in American entertainment media, and as research has shown, the few portrayals of Arab Americans we do have are often little more than crude, offensive, stereotypes.

Lately, however, there have been an increasing number of Arab Americans – or depictions of Arab Americans – that have made their way to the American entertainment mainstream.  Sullivan & Son is one such show, a modern take on Cheers where the bar owner is Korean and Irish American, and the patrons represent the diversity of the modern American cultural experience.

The show features Arab American comedian Ahmed Ahmed as Ahmed, a tow-truck driver and regular at the bar. The character is clearly Arab American (hence the name), but his actions and character development do not solely revolve around his ethnicity and identity. Ahmed, by all measures, acts like the other Americans, because that is indeed what he is.

Ahmed is likely the first Arab American sitcom character who can be funny as an individual, not as an Arab. Hopefully, he’ll be the first of many.

Sullivan & Son airs Thursday nights at 10:00pm on TBS. You can also watch it online.

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