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Americans for Peace Now has a great list of the “Top 10 Wackiest Congressional Actions on the Middle East of 2011,” in a year where they had a pretty wide pool to choose from. We’ve covered a lot of these stories before, but this list does a great job of highlighting just how out of sync Congress can sometimes be when it comes to Middle East issues. Note the running theme throughout this list:

10. “…some members of Congress are determined to force Obama to move the embassy, U.S. interests be damned”

9. “…Now, under law just passed by both houses of Congress, the PLO office will have to be shut down if the Palestinians pursue membership in any UN agency and are not engaged in "direct and meaningful" negotiations with Israel.  U.S. national interests no longer are part of the equation.”

8. “… And once again, U.S. interests be damned.”

7. “…But don't lawmakers have an obligation to actually hold hearings, hear the various arguments from experts (not just lobbyists) engage in real, open debate, and only THEN vote on something this important?”

6. “…that's how we make the PA look like a quisling entity and undermine the only real "soft power" we have left with the Palestinian people.”

5. “…Because that'll show Erodgan and his goons (U.S. interests be damned).”

4. “…Nobody wants war, but increasingly it seems like Congress doesn't really not want it, either”

3. “… why should Congress balk at passing legislation whose explicit purpose is to ensure that civilian aviation inside Iran will become even more dangerous than it already is?”

2. “… this brave effort to oppose something OBAMA NEVER SAID”

Read #1 and get the full list here.

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