Did you hear about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s shocking tweet? You may want to sit down first. Ok, ready? Get this: She implied that the pro-Israel lobby in the form of AIPAC, like every other special interest group operating successfully in our political system, uses… (wait for it…) money to influence politics (GASP!).  Oh, you can’t spot the controversy either? No kidding. Apparently, we’re supposed to pretend members of Congress haven’t been saying this for years, or that AIPAC staffers haven’t openly bragged about their influence in Congress, or that the New York Times’ leading Columnist, Tom Friedman, didn’t once say that the Israel lobby “bought and paid for” a standing ovation for Benjamin Netanyahu in Congress, and with no backlash. But if you’re wondering why the hysterical backlash to Congresswoman Omar, it’s really just an effort to smear, bully, and silence a Black, Muslim, Arab American, woman, refugee member of Congress who is part of a new progressive wave of members demanding accountability and transparency in government, including our Israel policy.  Still, the wording of the tweet in question was not the congresswoman’s finest moment and she apologized for it. But you know what’s cute? Donald Trump said her apology wasn’t good enough and demanded her resignation. You know why that’s cute? Because Donald Trump once engaged in that ACTUAL anti-Semitic trope, telling the Republican Jewish Coalition: “You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money… you don’t want to give me money, but that’s ok, you want to control your own politicians.” We wonder when the apology for that will come, and how good it will be for those howling for the congresswoman’s punishment.