Jared visited Israel last week to discuss Trump’s “ultimate deal” for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He also met with other Arab leaders, but not with the Palestinians. Many wondered: “How could this work when the Palestinians aren’t even part of the talks?” But don’t worry, nothing good could come from these talks even if the Palestinians were a part of them. The entire history of “peace negotiations” suffered the crippling defect of having no pressure on Israel, allowing it to take whatever it wanted away from the Palestinians while pretending to “negotiate.”  Because it’s simply absurd to suggest that the most pro-Netanyahu and anti-Palestinian US administration in history is going to be the first to pressure Israel to abide by international law, we can safely ignore this circus and look for other ways to build support for peace and justice without relying on this administration. Jared, though, is sad that the Palestinian leadership has “no ideas” for peace. Well, here’s an idea for you, Jared: stop offering unconditional military aid and diplomatic protection to the party destroying the Palestinian village of Khan Al-Ahmar, as part of their greater plan to destroy peace.