Yup, another one indeed, but this time it's directly tied to the Census. Civil rights organizations with jurisdiction in Maryland have officially filed suit last Friday due to Trump's Executive Order (which he announced as his “plan b” for getting citizenship data for the purposes of partisan redistricting). As you remember, Trump went to the Supreme Court and tried to say that he wanted citizenship data to reinforce the Voting Rights Act. Justice Roberts called BS & ruled that Trump had to give a legitimate reason for wanting to ask about citizenship on the Census. In a last-ditch effort to get what he really wanted (disenfranchise minority communities for political gain is a good guess), Trump ordered the Department of Commerce to use administrative records to get the citizenship data for the purposes of redistricting and ordered them to produce that dataset in a separate file next to the standard population dataset for each state. This lawsuit states that the Trump Administration violates the Administrative Procedures Act and is driven by a racially motivated agenda to limit Hispanic political representation and increase the political power of non-Hispanic whites. SCOTUS round two, anyone?