Palestinians in Gaza, who are living under a suffocating siege for over a decade now, where 97% of drinking water is unfit for human consumption, have risen again in protest of their unjust confinement, staging a march for return to their original homes. And if we know anything about the way Israel responds to unarmed protests, the unlawful killing of human beings was perfectly predictable, though the scale was still shocking to all. Israel’s response killed more than 60 Palestinians on Monday, including several children, and thousands more were wounded. Ambassadors from Ireland, Turkey, and South Africa were summoned, withdrawn or expelled, as the world expressed its outrage toward Israel’s actions. The Trump administration, on the other hand, praised Israel’s conduct, and blamed the Palestinians for their own deaths. Several legislators found the Trump Administration’s reaction shocking, with Senator Feinstein calling for an independent investigation into the killings, and expressing disappointment with the administration’s opposition. Senator Leahy said “the State Department should promptly determine if individuals or units involved in the shootings should be prohibited from receiving U.S. training or equipment, consistent with the Leahy Law.” That’s the right move, Senator. It’s time to hold Israel accountable, and apply the Leahy Law!