You haven’t seen all the bigoted fear-mongering this election season has to offer until you see what’s going on with the race for Georgia’s 6th congressional seat, the one previously held by HHS Secretary Tom Price. The 6th district may be a Republican stronghold, but Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff is reportedly crushing it in the polls. With the election less than two weeks away, it seems desperation has given way to a disgraceful ad attacking Ossoff for getting paid by mainstream world news organizations who use his footage. How did they make an attack ad out of this, you ask? Well, one of the media organizations has the Arabic name Al Jazeera, so cue the ominous music, footage of Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda (we’re totally serious), and the question: “What is [Ossoff] hiding?” Well, we don’t know what Ossoff is hiding (certainly not his investigative journalism films that were featured on BBC and a variety of outlets), but we do know what the Super PAC responsible for the ad is hiding: Any pretense of decency.