About a week ago, we first learned of a shocking new program that has the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and FBI collaborating to target travelers to the U.S. for potential recruitment as FBI informants. CBP provides flight manifests to the FBI before a flight departs, the FBI reviews them for potential recruits, gives names to CBP, and CBP then stops the traveller when he/she arrives in the United States. Feeling pretty good about this program, CBP gloats that it is the "GO TO agency in the Law Enforcement world when it comes to identifying individuals of either source or lead potential.” This isn't the first time our nation's immigration process has been used as a proxy to target Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities. Even over the past year we've seen how some people want to impose religious or ideological tests on all visitors and new immigrants to the country. We've watched Congress make discriminatory changes to the Visa Waiver Program, and of course the refugee resettlement part of our immigration code has been under abject attack. And of course there is the TSA. But this CBP program is perhaps either an underlying reason or a compounding factor of another sneaky immigration change that we've been fighting against. Earlier this year, CBP announced that it will start collecting "social media identifiers" of all foreign travelers to the United States. At the time, we criticized the move as being an intrusive and logistically worthless new screening mechanism. But now that we know about the FBI-informant scheme, we're starting to wonder if the two are connected. Our immigration policy is regularly used as a means of targeting, discriminating against, and plain making life difficult for Arab and Muslim visitors to the United States. CBP seems to happily be the leader of immigration authorities who are running wild with objectionable ideas on how to promote national security.