The toppling of former Sudanese strongman Omar Al-Bashir in April brought hope that Sudan would see freedom soon under civilian rule. But negotiations between leaders of the popular protests that brought down the government and the military generals who stepped in to fill the power vacuum collapsed back in June, leading to a brutal military crackdown on protesters in the capital, the killing of over 100 demonstrators, and various other atrocities. But the persistence of the Sudanese people in demanding civilian rule forced a new round of negotiations, leading to a preliminary power-sharing agreement a couple of weeks ago between the military and the civilian opposition. But another civilian was reportedly killed and several others wounded by paramilitary forces this week, leading to renewed protests amid further delays in negotiations for finalizing the preliminary power-sharing agreement. The future is far from certain, but the Sudanese people’s steadfast commitment to their struggle is a light of hope amid troubling developments throughout the country and the region.