While Trump’s congressional backers are busy making a bizarre public spectacle out of his impeachment inquiry, Senator Elizabeth Warren is keeping her embarrassments a little more quiet. The upside: she opposes Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories, and declared “everything is on the table” on whether she would leverage U.S. aid to stop Israel’s illegal colonizing of the Palestinian territories. Naturally, this sort of elementary common sense and accountability doesn’t sit well with pro-Israel apologists, including the Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI), who oppose conditioning U.S. aid to Israel on Israel ending illegal aggression (apparently we have to keep funding Israel’s crimes no matter what). DMFI was also troubled by Warren’s hiring of Max Berger, co-founder of IfNotNow (a progressive Jewish organization that opposes Israel’s occupation), and inquired about him. That’s when Warren campaign manager Roger Lau reportedly called DMFI’s Mark Mellman and “assured him that Max Berger...was not involved in any way on Israel policy.” As another IfNotNow co-founder put it, this is as outrageous as “calling Exxon executives to reassure them that a staffer who used to lead the effort to divest from fossil fuels on their campus is not advising their environmental policy.” Lau may have thought this “assurance” was a good way to play nice with everyone, but it’s precisely the kind of assurance that places Warren’s commitment to a progressive foreign policy in doubt. Not a great look.