Unless your name is Kirstjen Nielsen, odds are you haven’t forgotten that $%#&hole comment Trump said last week in the oval office. His statements, which some news outlets felt compelled to publish in their uncensored form, prompted swift rebuke from either side of the political aisle. Many wondered whether such disparaging remarks revealed the more pernicious, if not blatantly racist, intentions of the President’s proposed immigration policies. Shocking, we know… but enough about last week: On Tuesday, the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice published a joint report on terrorism and immigration. The 11-page report is a bit threadbare, and given that it was some four months overdue, it seems that researchers scrapped together a slipshod defense of Trump’s immigration policies after they came under fire in recent days. But the crowd that’s into xenophobic findings might not be the type that likes to read full reports, so Trump’s DOJ tweeted the main takeaway IN ALL CAPS, telling them that FOREIGN BORN people (you know, from $%#&hole countries) were responsible for more “international terrorism”. If you’re wondering why domestic terrorism isn’t mentioned, you’re on the right track. The report is rife with shoddy research and misleading data, painting a dishonest portrayal of individuals with ties to Arab and/or Muslim-majority countries. Further, the report and the discussion of it from the podium at the White House briefing room was a not-so-subtle attempt at sowing fear and distrust to continue advancing bigoted policies.  It is wrong, and must be challenged.

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