We’re well aware that the State Department’s eternal optimism in the success of negotiated ceasefires is a mandatory part of the job, even in the face of very, very obvious violations (Yemen, Palestine, Ukraine, etc.). But even the State Department is flinching in its rhetoric on the current Syrian ceasefire’s viability. Meant to be ushered in yesterday at day break, the besieged city of Aleppo is reportedly running out of coffins to bury those who have died as fighting continues in the city that is said to be the main battleground of the Syrian war because it is controlled in different sections by rebels, Kurds, and the regime. After a hospital was bombed by the regime last week, #AleppoisBurning began demanding attention on social media and the U.S. State Department line on the ceasefire got more pointed. With possibilities of the ceasefire beginning in Aleppo today, we are hoping to find a reason for the eternal optimism of the State Department to return.