Posted by Nicole Khamis on July 13, 2015 in Blog

Jen_Salan.jpgIn a world where news is dominated by the Kardashians, five-second sound bites, and predictable viewpoints, Al-Jazeera’s The Stream is bringing integrity back to reporting. Jennifer Salan, Executive Producer of The Stream, recently sat down with the Arab American Institute interns to discuss her work and her approach of elevating those who often remain unheard and unseen on others news outlets. “A voice to the voiceless” is the mission of The Stream, Salan says. A groundbreaking news program which sources stories from social media, The Stream, instead of covering typical stories that may produce clicks, likes, and shares, actively seeks out stories which have a social justice aspect to them. The Stream is effectively filling a void that is much sought after by many who are unsatisfied by the superficial reporting or partisan punditry typically found on some news networks. Taking a story, finding the social justice aspect within it, and pushing it on The Stream’s four shows throughout the week, while allowing for half-hour discussions on each topic, gives The Stream an authenticity that many news stations lack.

The journalistic freedom, honesty, and room for critical thought has not gone unnoticed. The Stream has won a Gracie Award for outstanding news talk show, a Webby People’s Choice Award, and Most Innovative Program Award from the Royal Television Society, among numerous others. Salan answered questions from the AAI interns who were extremely interested in The Stream, as well as inspired by its mission to bring underrepresented voices to the forefront of the conversation.