When Congress voted overwhelmingly to condemn BDS last month, you totally expected the Israeli right to celebrate, right? Check this out: 21 hardline Israeli lawmakers in the ruling coalition were upset with that vote, and wrote a complaint letter to anti-BDS resolution cosponsors Brad Schneider, Lee Zeldin, Jerry Nadler, and Ann Wagner. The letter reads: “We would like to express to you our concern regarding the anti-BDS resolution.” Oh wow, even they are concerned about free speech in America? Wait, never mind, here is there actual complaint: “We believe it contains a grave error because it expresses...support for a so-called ‘Two-State Solution’… We would like to make our position clear that the establishment of a Palestinian state would be far more dangerous to Israel than BDS.” The letter’s primary author, Yossi Dagan, is specifically upset with an unlikely party: “AIPAC misleads American officials and presents the two-state solution as an Israeli interest.” This is where we are, folks! The powerful anti-Palestinian AIPAC is not anti-Palestinian enough, because they pay lip service to the two-state solution. The honesty from Israeli officials is refreshing though, right? Now we can drop the pretenses and fight against apartheid.