After rejecting her request for a public trial, Ahed Tamimi and several family members were forced to accept a plea deal by which the Palestinian teen was sentenced to eight months in prison, and fined 5,000 shekels ($1,437). Apart from the systemic violations of the rights of Palestinian minors in Israeli military prisons, there is a more brazen injustice at play, namely the unequal treatment of Palestinians and Israelis. While a Palestinian teenager gets eight months for slapping an occupation soldier, an Israeli settler served an equal time in prison for clubbing an 11-year-old Palestinian child to death. And just this week, it was announced that an Israeli soldier who executed a disarmed Palestinian is being released after serving just nine months in prison. If this doesn’t sound like justice to you, Ahed agrees.  When she was asked how she felt about the sentence, she replied: “There is no justice under occupation, we are in an illegitimate court.” It sure sounds like no prison can break her spirit of resistance. In a better world, Ahed would receive a medal of courage for standing up to a heavily-armed intruder who is part an army that denies her people basic rights. In this world, however, she goes to prison for challenging the occupation. #FreeAhedTamimi.