Posted by Omar Baddar on October 16, 2018 in Blog

Many of us who are active in the struggle for justice in Palestine have filled endless posts, tweets and columns explaining the injustice of Israel's occupation. While these words can describe that injustice intellectually, they can hardly convey the true impact of that occupation on the Palestinian people. But if you don't get a chance to go see Palestine in person, Dena Takruri's two-part AJ+ documentary brings you pretty close to feeling the reality of life in Palestine.

Part one, entitled 'The Palestinian Kids Fighting Israel's Occupation' covers crucial context for life in Palestine, detailing Israel's military detention of Palestinian minors, and how Palestinians prepare their children for the near inevitable run-in with their armed occupiers. Part two focuses on Palestinian icon Ahed Tamimi, featuring a long interview with the Palestinian teen upon her release from Israeli prison in which we get to know her not just as a symbol of Palestinian resistance, but as a fighter for social justice within Palestinian society.

This is the sort of journalism that is all too often missing from the American media scene, and it is absolutely worth your time.




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