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Demonstrations planned this Sunday by the Tamarod or “Rebel” movement in Egypt are expected to bring out millions of Egyptians into the streets to protest Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood government.

Ahead of the protests, Arab American Institute President and Director of Zogby Research Services, Dr. James Zogby conducted the most comprehensive study of Egyptian public opinion, surveying attitudes toward Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. The poll, which surveys 5,029 Egyptian adults nationwide, also examines Egyptian attitudes toward institutions and their future. What emerges from the findings is a picture of a deeply divided society fractured not along demographic lines, but on the basis of ideology and religion.

Zogby explains how Egyptian public opinion has shaped the conditions for the Tamarod movement to come about:

“Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi heads a minority government whose public support is now limited to its own party. He faces 70+% of the population that says since he took office their economic and security situations have worsened. Egyptians have lost confidence in President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s ability to govern.”

“Among those who support the Muslim Brotherhood, 98% say their lives have improved. Among the rest of the population over 80% say their lives have worsened. That’s a deep division.”

“Egyptians reject the Morsi government's overreach. Clamping down on press, non-governmental organizations, religious minorities, and judges has caused concern among Egyptians that the Muslim Brotherhood is turning to authoritarianism to consolidate their hold on government.”

“92% of Muslim Brotherhood supporters reject the contention that the Brotherhood intends to control the state and Islamize it. On the other hand, 93% of the rest of the country believe that is precisely what the Brotherhood is doing.”

“Egyptians are convinced that the US supports President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. This is causing confusion and backlash.”


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