Posted by on February 15, 2012 in Blog

Though the world was inspired by the democratic uprisings that swelled through the Arab world throughout 2011, it bears remembering that many of the goals, tactics, and frustrations of these disparate movements have also been taking place in Palestine for decades.

At the end of March, a number of activists, academics, and other concerned persons are organizing a Global March to Jerusalem to honor the legacy of Palestinian non-violent civil resistance, and call for a peaceful and just resolution to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

March 30 is also known in Palestine as Land Day, which commemorates an Israeli government decision to expropriate large swaths of land for “security and settlement purposes,” prompting a massive strike in response.

Organizers of the event hope to unite people from various political backgrounds around a common theme of unity, justice for all people, and an end to violence and occupation. An American contingent in the march is especially important because “American tax dollars are endlessly being funneled into war, military occupation, and…Israeli settlement expansion.”

For more information, check out the Global March to Jerusalem website here.

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