Posted by Guest on January 31, 2017 in Blog

by Raneem Alkhatib

Access California Services (AccessCal), is a nonprofit that was founded in 1998 to help those struggling in southern California. Arab American Nahla Kayali, who serves on the board of AAI, founded the organization to cater to the needs of refugees and immigrants. Nineteen years later, AccessCal continues to make sure that those who are struggling or in transition have support. AccessCal offers many services to the community including professional help, referrals, and immigration. They also help provide employment, financial and health assistance, and even educational classes. All their programs aim to empower and give aid to not only Arab Americans, but all those who need it.

Omar Mahmood, the Vice President of the Board of Access California Services said, “Everyday families come to AccessCal from all different walks of life and different struggles and different requests for help. We are so grateful for the many hearts that collaborate with us to provide compassionate services to refugees and to the underserved community on a daily basis.”

Since 2015, AccessCal, has hosted an annual Gala with an array of speakers and entertainment. This year, AAI President James Zogby was honored to have delivered a message of support and congratulations for their outstanding work.

Raneem Alkhatib is a Spring 2017 intern with the Arab American Institute