Every October since 1995, the Arab Cultural and Community Center hosts an Arab Cultural Festival in the San Francisco Bay Area. The day-long event features all different aspects of Arab and Arab American cultural identity, including music, cuisine, and arts. It has historically been a great opportunity for people from all backgrounds to experience Arab culture in a genuine and holistic way, contravening the typical portrayal of Arabs often seen in traditional media.

This year’s festival, taking place on October 6th, will feature North African fusion band The Dunes, Palestinian Emcee Excentrik, Singer and Songwriter Naima Shalhoub, traditional Palestinian debkeh dance troupe Al-Juthoor, Sudanese Dance Group Shabbal, Classical oud virtuoso and singer Naser Musa, popular Egyptian singer Maram Roma, derbakki master Faisal Zedan, and many others.

The Arab Cultural Festival is one of many powerful efforts to reshape the framing of Arab American identity in America today, but it can’t succeed without the support of the community itself. There are a number of sponsorship and donation opportunities, and booths can be rented by filling out a booth application form

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