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AAI releases the findings of a poll conducted in September of 2012 on how Arab Americans will vote in November. AAI is releasing the results of the poll in addition to the results of similar surveys conducted over the past decade on Arab American voting tendencies.

AAI maintains an extensive and comprehensive archive of Arab American, Arab and U.S. opinion polls covering a wide range of issues.

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Among other data, the 2012 Arab American vote poll will reveal finding on the following:

  • How Arab Americans will likely vote
  • What issues are most important to Arab Americans for the election
  • Shifts in Arab American voter identity and party affiliation
  • How the Arab American vote effects the general electorate

Of the 2012 survey, AAI President Dr. Jim Zogby said:

A significant number of Arab American votes are up for grabs in this election. As our data going back to the 1990s has shown, this is a population that votes in higher numbers than the general public. Our data shows substantive changes since the last presidential election poll in 2008. And Arab Americans represent sizable populations in a number of key swing states including Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Virginia—the places where the national campaigns are focusing their resources.

Dr. Zogby will present the findings at a press briefing in AAI’s offices. Those interested in attending the briefing should RSVP to Omar Tewfik at (202) 652-4988.


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