Posted on March 16, 2017 in Press Releases

Once again, the courts are demonstrating there is a mechanism built into our system that protects our constitutional rights. The decisions of the judges in both Hawaii and Maryland halt the implementation of Trump’s Executive Order banning refugees and immigrants from six Arab and Muslim-majority countries. While the government tried to clean up this discriminatory action, the courts see it for what it is – exactly what President Trump campaigned on and what his staff have been advocating for – a Muslim ban. The actions by the courts yesterday are welcome news to all Americans who believe in justice and the promise of America.

“The court rulings continue to reaffirm our nation’s system of checks and balances. They make it clear that you cannot campaign on bigotry, write a bigoted order and then magically claim your actions are not bigoted. Sadly, as we await the Administration’s next move, we know that tens of thousands of refugees will continue to pay the price given the confusion and President’s determination to halve the number of refugee admittances for 2017. Between this and the Trump Administration’s insistence on pursuing these flawed policies that do nothing to advance our security, we will remain vigilant in our advocacy for what is right. Across the U.S. we are working with local communities to welcome immigrants, refugees and those that feel they are being targeted by a growing climate of hate. From state legislatures to city councils and school boards, we are working with our allies to create resilient communities that represent the best of America. It’s clear to us that some want a culture war; to create an us versus them environment. To that we say, you will lose that fight because we will stand for inclusion, fairness, justice and compassion, and we aren’t going anywhere,” said AAI Executive Director Maya Berry.