Posted by Arab American Institute on September 25, 2017 in Blog

Arab American Institute Executive Director Maya Berry issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s third try at the Muslim Ban: 

The Trump Administration’s attempt to window dress their Muslim Ban by presidential proclamation doesn’t fool anyone. The proclamation expands the xenophobic policies that discriminate against individuals predominantly because of their Muslim faith or national origin. It’s no surprise that facing Supreme Court arguments the Trump Administration would try to play one more shell game to circumvent a potential ruling. Shamefully though, this third iteration of the Muslim Ban goes farther than the second version adding yet another Muslim-majority country and an “indefinite” ban on those impacted. The additions of North Korea, which has a miniscule number of applicants, and Venezuela, which only applies to government officials, fails to cover up the bigoted intent of this policy. Along with allies and advocates defending people and our constitution, we remain vigilant. 

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