Posted by Guest on March 09, 2018 in Blog

By Mollie Todd

It has been more than six months since President Donald Trump announced that the DACA program would end on March 5. Although he promised to sign a bipartisan DACA solution, when one was offered he rejected it. To protect the rights of DACA recipients, California, Maine, Maryland, and Minnesota sued. Two federal courts agreed with the states and issued nationwide injunctions blocking the termination of DACA. Despite this an average of about 1,100 DACA permits have expired each day since March 5.

Given the significant issues tied to DACA, AAI invited Philip Wolgin, Managing Director of Immigration at the Center for American Progress, to speak to our monthly National Policy Council meeting. Philip spoke on the state of DACA, and the DREAM ACT, as well as the diversity visa program, and other upcoming challenges to our immigration system.

NPC members were able to pose their questions directly to Wolgin for answers.Some community members speculated on the time frame in which a decision on DACA would be reached and requested additional materials that could be shared with their local communities.

Philip Wolgin directs the Center for American Progress’ research and publications on a host of issues, such as immigration reform, border security, and executive action.  At the Center for American Progress, he had held the positions of senior policy analyst and policy analyst for immigration. He also serves on the national board of directors of the refugee organization HIAS.

Mollie Todd is a Spring 2018 intern at the Arab American Institute.