Posted on August 26, 2015 in Press Releases
August 26, 2015

AAI Calls on Philadelphia Mayoral Candidate to Reject Bigotry

Today, the Arab American Institute (AAI) joins the Arab-American Community Development Corporation (AACDC) in calling on Philadelphia Mayoral candidate, Mrs. Melissa Murray Bailey, to return a campaign contribution from Philadelphia resident Andrew Terhune. Mr. Terhune recently publicly posted a video promoting racist opinions and violence against Arab Americans and American Muslims. This blatant act of fear-mongering is dangerous and it has no place in the political discourse of Pennsylvania or anywhere in the U.S. Mr. Terhune is well known for his racist and anti-Muslim attitudes and Mrs. Murray Bailey should not be associated with an individual who espouses such prejudice.

Anti-Arab bigotry and Islamophobia have historically materialized during political election cycles, and this year has not been an exception. Many of Pennsylvania’s elected officials and community leaders, including Governor Wolf and Mayoral candidate Jim Kenney, have taken a public stand against hate speech, and we call on Mrs. Murray Bailey to immediately return Andrew Terhune's contribution and sign the “Pledge to Combat Bigotry.”