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The Arab American Institute will release the results of a poll conducted this summer on American attitudes toward Arabs and Muslims tomorrow Thursday, August 23, 2012. AAI will release the results of the poll at a press briefing hosted by AAI president Dr. Jim Zogby.

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Of the findings, AAI President James Zogby stated, “The numbers from our latest poll highlight that Park 51, the anti-Muslim and anti-Arab tone of the 2010 campaign season, anti-Sharia legislation, calls for Muslim loyalty oaths, and public attacks on American Muslims and Arab American public servants have taken a toll on American public opinion. Despite the fact that most Americans are unable to make the distinction between Arabs and Muslims, the vitriol that has been aimed at both communities is clearly swaying public opinion along age and party lines.”

AAI maintains the most extensive public archive of Arab and American public opinion data on issues relating to Arabs, Muslims and U.S. policy in the Middle East region. We encourage you to view the full archive of AAI opinion polls. You may also view AAI's poll "American Views on Arab and Muslim Americans: 2010" for previous data compiled on this same subject.


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