Posted on March 06, 2012 in Arab American Institute

The Arab American Institute Foundation’s Summer Internship program is an exciting opportunity for students and recent graduates to experience politics and policy-making in action, from a variety of different perspectives.



Every year, AAI selects 8-12 remarkable individuals to intern in a number of D.C. organizations, within one of the following fields:

-          Community Organizing

-          Public Advocacy

-          Political Office

-          Government Agency

-          Media/Research

Past organizations have included: Al Jazeera, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Campaign for America’s Future, congressional offices, the Democratic National Committee, the New America Foundation, TSD Communications, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and many others.



Interns work in close connection with the interns placed at other organizations.

Every week, Summer Interns meet for brown bag lunches and community events to touch base, share ideas, and coordinate on projects. The networks developed during the internship program often last a lifetime.

Interns are also invited to attend monthly AAI Emerging Leaders networking nights, where they have a chance to interact with young Arab American professionals in a variety of fields.



The internship placements offer interns the opportunity to improve their writing, research, and political understanding in a real-world environment. In past years, interns have composed policy-briefs, research proposals, legislation mark-ups, newsletters, and journal articles.

In addition to skills learned in their positions, AAI Summer Interns are offered weekly skill-building sessions at the AAI office, with workshops covering a range of valuable topics including basic web design, advanced Microsoft Excel functions, resume-building, and others.



Interns are provided with a monthly stipend of up to $1000/month, or the opportunity for course credit.