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On Thursday, August 23rd, AAI released a new poll on attitudes toward Arabs and Muslims in the United States. Conducted on August 15th and 16th, The American Divide: How We View Arabs and Muslims, surveyed American attitudes toward Arabs, Muslims and eleven other groups and religions. Among other things, the poll highlights a sharp generational and partisan divide with respect to views on Arabs and Muslims. In 2010, in the wake of the Park 51 controversy, AAI conducted a similar poll on views toward Arabs and Muslims. The data extracted from both polls indicates that anti-Arab and anti-Muslim political rhetoric has taken a toll on American public opinion, especially along age and party lines.

AAI’s president, Jim Zogby cited events like the Park 51 controversy , the anti-Sharia bills passed in conservative states, and the recent letters sent by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and other House Republicans that accused American Muslim public servants of ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. At the poll release Jim Zogby stated: "the problem is one, partly borne I think of bigotry. The numbers tell us that when you have a decade-long campaign, it takes a toll."

The new poll received substantial news coverage in the wake of its release, with the Washington Post, Salon, Mother Jones, and the Huffington Post all contributing stories and analysis of the results:

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For a deeper analysis of the poll results, be sure to check out the poll itself, as well as Jim Zogby’s latest column, entitled “The Partisan, Racial and Generational Divide: How We View Arabs and Muslims.”

Huffington Post: