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Today the Arab American Institute released opinion polls sampling from eleven Arab countries for the past ten years, in the most detailed examination of Arab public opinion ever compiled. Organized to serve as a comprehensive look at evolving attitudes on a range of regional and international issues, the special web-based section features data from 2002 to 2012, and includes questions on Arab attitudes toward America, President Obama, the peace process, and the Iraq war, among others. The page also includes the latest Zogby polls referenced by AAI President James Zogby in his latest book on Arab opinion, Arab Voices, and demonstrates the underlying grievances that have shaped the current environment of mass popular unrest.

Tomorrow also marks the one year anniversary of the start of the Syrian uprising. As pressure mounts on the Syrian regime, it is important to note that Arab opinion of the Bashar al-Assad regime has turned decidedly against him, demonstrating his increased isolation among Arabs and the near unanimous consent that al-Assad can no longer govern in Syria. The polling AAI conducted in 2011 stands in sharp contrast to previous AAI data collected in 2007 when the Institute polled on support for Arab leaders in eleven Arab countries, and al-Assad received more favorable ratings than any other Arab leader.

AAI President James Zogby stated, “Working with my brother John Zogby, we have been able to do over the last decade what has never been done before – examine in depth Arab opinion on a broad range of issues, and making this material available to a wide audience.”

We encourage you to view the Arab opinion polls on Syria and Bashar al-Assad as well as the wealth of data we have made available from other countries and on other issues.

Arab Attitudes Toward Syria (2011)

Arab Views of Leadership, Identity, Institutions and Issues of Concern (2007)

To view the comprehensive list of Arab American Institute polls, click here.

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