Posted by AAI on January 12, 2009 in News Clips

On Thursday, January 7th, AAI along with Americans for Peace Now, Churches for Middle East Peace, the Israel Policy Forum, J-Street and Brit Tzedek, sponsored a Hill briefing to address the ongoing crisis in Gaza. The briefing featured Israeli representatives from two human rights organizations: Gisha and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel.

The speakers provided background information on the events that led to the current situation, as well as detailed first-hand accounts of the humanitarian crisis that continues to unfold within Gaza. A representative from Physicians for Human Rights expressed concern over the inability of health professionals to access and evacuate the wounded, and called for an open-corridor to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza and get injured individuals out.

The groups estimated that, in addition to the large number of casualties thus far, at least one million Gazans are currently without access to electricity and over 800,000 are left without running water.


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