Posted by on November 19, 2010 in Blog

AAI cofounder and Board of Directors Chair, George Salem, was recently honored by the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF) with their 2010 Path to Peace Award. This prize, HCEF’s highest, is awarded annually to the “individual who throughout his/her life has vigorously championed the cause of Peace in the Middle East. It is conferred on an individual who, through tireless personal efforts, has promoted the peaceful reconciliation between Arabs and Israelis, and amongst Muslims, Christians and Jews.” George Salem is only the fourth person to receive this distinction.

George undoubtedly deserves this acknowledgement. In addition to his many accomplishments and his seasoned career as an attorney, George was honored for his support of the peace process and his work to advance public diplomacy efforts in the Arab world. True to his devotion to peace, George used the majority of his speech to the HCEF to address the need for increased cooperation, noting:

If we are to have peace, then people of good will must place the national interests of unity and the people above partisanship – whether Fatah or Hamas – Likud or Labor – Republican or Democrat. If we are to make progress on a peaceful resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli question, people of good will on all sides must look beyond their partisan divides and put the interest of the people – whether they are Americans, Israelis or Palestinians, Jews, Muslims, or Christians – above politics and partisanship.

AAI is proud of George Salem’s award and of all he has done for peace in the Middle East and Arab American political empowerment here at home. His commitment and passion are an inspiration and one of the driving forces behind AAI’s 25 years of excellence. Congratulations George!