It hasn’t been a pretty week for the presumptive Republican nominee and the leaders of the Party he is likely going to represent. While many Republicans have been finding ways to criticize Trump’s comments but still support him, others are giving him a short timeline to “get it together,” and a handful of Republicans are dumping Trump altogether. We, on the other hand, are not likely to move on from Trump’s slanderous remarks about Judge Curiel anytime soon. Trump said, “He’s member of a club or society very strongly pro-Mexican, which is all fine. But I say he’s got bias.” We here at an ethnic-based organization take this assault on any ethnic-based organization very seriously. Don’t mind the factually incorrect parts of Donald’s numerous deplorable statements, Trump’s argument that ethnicity (Mexican or Arab or other) comes with a foreign agenda is a disgraceful insinuation that ethnic groups have dealt with since the founding of America. It is repulsively wrong and undemocratic. Ethnic politics are a cornerstone of political organizing in America, they bring minority voices together to advocate for issues that are wholly American. So the media and respected Republican leaders should stop correcting Trump on what “La Raza” he is talking about and start correcting Trump’s understanding of how American politics and values work. T-minus 6 weeks to go until the Republican convention in Cleveland, who knows what will happen in that time.

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