No one disagrees that ISIL is committing atrocities on an unfathomable scale in Iraq and Syria; and last week, Secretary of State John Kerry acknowledged that ISIL’s crimes amount to genocide against Christians, Yazidis, and Shias. There has been a global push for the United States to officially recognize that ISIL, in addition to killing everyone in their path, has an acute focus on destroying specific ethnic, religious, and national minorities. The official recognition by the U.S. may not mean much in practice – it’s not likely the U.S. will act differently now that we’re calling it a genocide – but the designation means a tremendous amount to the advocates, diasporas, and suffering people. And it’s logical and appropriate that since ISIL is targeting these groups, the U.S. must respond to what’s actually happening on the ground. It is also an important step in the right direction, after the calamity that was the U.S. response to the Rwandan genocide.