President Obama had an impressively triumphant week thanks to key rulings by the Supreme Court. Not only was the so called "ObamaCare” law upheld, but SCOTUS ruled in favor of marriage equality, and equal housing opportunities were reinforced. In fact, the Obama legacy might be largely defined by last week alone. But the President can’t count on the Supreme Court to bail him out of his foreign policy challenges (well, most of them), and the Obama legacy will not be defined by domestic issues alone. In the next year and a half that remains under his administration, President Obama is left to confront the arguably most difficult – and solitary – issues of all, issues that he has practically staked his legacy on. The first of which is the Iran nuclear deal (which Congress is trying to thwart), the U.S. Response to ISIL (which Congress won’t even debate), and of course, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Good luck President Obama.