Following yet another tragic school shooting, this time in Florida, President Trump not only appeared to be backing strict gun control measures, but went as far as to accuse Republicans who don’t support such measures of being afraid of the NRA. He even suggested guns could be taken away from people suspected of being dangerous before affording them any due process. This must have come as a shock to the NRA, which warned its supporters during the election that Hillary Clinton was after their guns. But like all off-the-cuff ramblings from this president, they can be entertaining to watch, but you can’t base policy predictions on them. On Thursday, after Trump’s jaw-dropping comments, the NRA met with him, and subsequently tweeted that the President was not in favor of any gun control measures. Trump didn’t challenge the NRA announcement, and merely said his meeting with the NRA was great. Whatever you think of gun policy, the constant incoherence and contradictions of this administration may be great for late night comedians, but how good is it for the rest of us? Not very. Also, while we were all focused on the lame Trump policy dance, a group of kids from the school where the shooting took place have started a massive movement that now includes businesses distancing themselves from the NRA. Something different maybe brewing.