We know things are looking down on too many fronts, and our right to privacy is no exception. We’ve talked about Section 702 of the FISA Amendment before, which allows warrantless surveillance that’s aimed at foreign nationals, but which “incidentally” sweeps up mountains of information from literally millions of Americans. You’ll be glad to know that the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) are asking the federal court of appeals to find Section 702 unconstitutional, as it violates the 4th Amendment, which grants Americans the right to privacy.  EFF explains that the FBI “routinely” conducts backdoor searches into this data collected on Americans without a warrant. If civil rights groups win this one, we’ll get reacquainted with good news (it’s seriously been a while). But don’t get too excited: Human Rights Watch just revealed that the US Defense Department has authorized warrantless surveillance of any US citizen the executive branch says is suspected of “homegrown extremism”, even when they have “no specific connection to foreign terrorists.” Why is all of this warrantless exactly? And can we please catch a break from the attacks on our civil rights?