Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, is on a mission to stamp out criticism of Israel at the UN. While speaking at AIPAC last week, Haley drew contrast with the Obama administration’s abstention on a UN resolution opposing settlements, which she described as “embarrassing” and “hurtful”, promising this would never happen again because there was “a new sheriff in town”. It would’ve been cute when she joked about wearing heels because she plans  on kicking those who oppose her at the UN, except she took credit for actual bullying, which makes the bullying joke a bit distasteful. She admitted to blocking a Palestinian from a position at the UN, not because she had any objections to him personally, but simply because he was Palestinian. She took credit for blocking a UN report that’s critical of Israel, and getting that agency’s director to resign. She also dedicated herself to opposing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign targeting Israel’s human rights violations. We can’t bring ourselves to help Haley with any of these wrongheaded efforts, but we’re willing to lend a hand with one issue: Haley started her talk at AIPAC noting she was “confused” about all the criticism of Israel at the UN. Let’s demystify it for you, Haley: Israel is perpetuating the longest illegal military occupation in modern history, and is actively destroying Palestinian society in a cruel and brutal fashion. Perhaps you can redirect your kicks towards the people responsible for these atrocious policies, not the people who want to hold them accountable.

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