From  the slanderously misnamed “Ground Zero mosque” to the hysteria in Murfreesboro, the efforts of anti-Muslim hate mongers to make life unpleasant for American Muslims have seen a mix of success and failure. Well, we’ve got one for you to celebrate: Life came hard and fast at the Bernards Township, NJ, which has reached a settlement to pay $3.25 million in compensation for a religious discrimination lawsuit, after years of obstructing the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge’s attempts to build a mosque. These efforts included changing the minimum acreage for houses of worship, to requiring more parking spaces than mandated for other religious centers, but they ultimately learned there was a price to pay. In the anti-Muslim political climate we’re witnessing, we just wanted to end on a good note, and remind everyone that America is still a place where all can fight for their basic constitutional rights.


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