For those still waiting for John Kelly to reign in some of the chaos, don’t hold your breath. Sure, the White House Chief of Staff might seem like a moderate force, but he’s got some pretty immoderate views. Case in point, he had no problem with President Trump making the Muslim Ban permanent. The ban targets nationals of SyriaSomaliaIranChadLibyaYemen, and Iraq to varying levels—all Muslim-majority countries. To pretend it’s not a Muslim Ban, Trump has barred North Koreans, who can’t come to the US anyway under their own law, and specific government officials of Venezuela. Sunday’s Proclamation provides reasoning for the Ban in an attempt to convince the Supreme Court in an inevitable challenge that it was not based solely on Trump’s anti-Muslim campaign rhetoric. It also includes some exceptions found in the previous temporary bans, which didn’t prevent CBP agents from harassing and detaining those who clearly fell under said exceptions (and happen to be Arab or Muslim). A new and improved, lawyered-up proclamation does nothing to shield Trump’s real intentions: to codify his xenophobic desires to exclude minorities from an anachronistic ideal of America. See if you can find the theme of excluding minorities throughout today’s Countdown!