Bipartisan work on Capitol Hill is a very rare occurrence in today’s political climate except on one issue. As you likely guessed nothing makes our sometimes divided lawmakers come together like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Just last week, 369 members of Congress, approximately 85% of the chamber, signed a letter to Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority, blaming the recent wave of violence between Israelis and Palestinians on Palestine alone and calling on the Palestinian leadership to ensure that further violence is avoided. Despite a recent Reuters report that found that 69 Palestinians, most of whom were teenagers, have been killed by Israeli forces in the recent violence, the letter focuses only on Palestinian incitement. It represents yet another example of how a bipartisan majority in Congress perceives the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a myopic lens. This refrain of “Palestinian incitement” is merely the latest in a series of deflections. This congressional letter reflects the same failure to understand the realities of the conflict. This isn’t a matter of addressing incitement from either side. There needs to be leadership to reverse the disastrous status quo that has developed over decades for the Palestinian people in which they must live without rights, face arbitrary detention, have their homes destroyed, or suffer the wrath of the IDF or worse—Israeli settlers that have maimed, kidnapped, and murdered with impunity. There is no justification for violence and it should always be condemned, as should Israel’s devastating, sustained occupation of Palestine.