News out of North Carolina this week is (almost) as tasty as the Kit Kat in your Halloween pillow case. On Monday, a three-judge panel ruled the state’s congressional districts violate the state constitution because they are drawn with a partisan bias, and ordered the maps to be redrawn before the 2020 primary. These judges aren’t playing tricks, either, because they will postpone the primary if the Republican-controlled state legislature tries to drag their feet. In September of this year, another decision ruled the state’s legislative districts violated the state constitution. Together, these decisions mean voters participating in 2020 elections will be voting in newly drawn districts that more closely resemble fair maps at the federal & state levels. This victory, and the decision to sue states based on violations of their individual state constitutions rather than the U.S. Constitution, is breathing renewed momentum into the nonpartisan redistricting movement. So enjoy your gerrymandering costumes while you can because they’ll soon be resigned to the past (fingers crossed).