Some three weeks into the Arab gulf crisis, and signs of hope for resolving it have yet to emerge. Saudi Arabia had issued a 10-day ultimatum to Qatar with a list of 13 demands, and they include shutting down Qatar’s global media empire “Al Jazeera”, shuttering the Turkish military base in the country, and scaling back its ties with Iran. Qatar dismissed this list of demands, but said it was ready to negotiate over “legitimate issues”. Saudi Arabia, however, insists the list of demands is “non-negotiable”. And while President Trump praised the actions against Qatar, the US State Department has all but condemned Qatar’s isolation. If you find that strange, you’re not alone. Reports emerged of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson being “absolutely enraged that the White House and State Department weren’t on the same page.”  Will they get on the same page in time? They theoretically have two days to do it, the 10-day ultimatum is about to expire. #Tiktok