Years ago, we told you about investigative reporting that revealed the NYPD was profiling and spying on Arab Americans and American Muslims. There have been many iterations to the fallout of the revelations, but yesterday brought good news: led by Muslim Advocates and the Center for Constitutional Rights, advocates have won a major legal victory against NYPD. By agreeing to the settlement against its conduct, NYPD is agreeing to not use ethnic or religious basis for surveillance. Better yet, the agreement reached also “calls for the police department to permit the plaintiffs of the lawsuit, including Muslim residents, business owners, student groups and clergy, to provide input for a new policy guide that will govern the activities of the department’s intelligence bureau.” The entire dark episode only came to light because of the Associated Press’ Pulitzer Prize winning coverage of the program that actively spied on local communities, at tax-payer expense, without producing a single lead. This decision is a major victory. You didn’t see us ending a Countdown on a good note, did you?