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By Dena Elian
Fall Intern, 2013

Renowned pollster John Zogby recently gave a talk recently at an AAI Emerging Leaders Program event about his new book, First Globals: Understanding, Managing, & Unleashing the Potential of our Millennial Generation. The book, co-authored by millennial expert and career strategist Joan Snyder Kuhl, is an up-and-coming professional’s guide to the light at the end of the tunnel. The book examines the talents and individuality of the generation that Zogby calls “First Globals”; individuals who were born between the years 1979 and 1994.

A generation raised in the heat of crisis, the authors review an array of unique disadvantages that “First Globals” have been inflicted with, including the hardships of finding satisfactory employment, dealing with debt, and the skyrocketing cost of living, all while wars and terrorism ensue in the backdrop. However, unlike the recent media trend in labeling this generation as self-entitled and lazy, the book praises the often misunderstood “First Globals” and maps out how to galvanize their proficiencies in order to overcome the obstacles that have been imposed on them. These practical tips won’t help only this generation, though. They’re keys that should be used by businesses, organizations, politicians, and anyone else working with “First Globals” in order to help them expand their capabilities.

In addition to insight provided by the authors based on their own research and experience working with Millennials, the book contains commentary by successful “First Globals.” Many tell their story of how they utilized the skills and resources of our generation, as outlined in the book, to achieve success in their own measurement. Their stories and insights are refreshing and inspirational.

The book also contains  compelling polling data that compares  “First Globals” to what Zogby calls the “Nikes” (born 1964-1978), “Woodstockers” (born 1946-1964), and “Privates “(born 1926-1945). The numbers reveal that the First Global generation is the most internationally traveled, most willing to live and work abroad, most charitably minded, and the least interested in planting roots and settling down in one place. On the other hand, the polls also show that there are higher reports of stress as well as distrust of political leaders among “First Globals.”

Going beyond the realms of professional life, the book contains sections on relationships and marriage, global citizenship, independence, and gender roles in the workforce among “First Globals” and how they vary from previous generations. The book’s well roundedness as well as the authors’ well informed awareness of the issues facing this generation make for a valuable and insightful read.

With their boundless creativity, access to technology, and motivation to make the world a better place, the young adults of today are innovative diamonds in the rough of an economic crisis. This book will undoubtedly assist them in making the most of their unique strengths and talents in order to unleash their power.   

Zogby and Snyder Kuhl make a strong argument for the “First Globals” by outlining what they have to offer as they revolutionize the way problems are solved, decisions are made, and citizens of the world work together.

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