Posted by on December 09, 2010 in Blog

Are you now or have you ever been a supporter of universal health care? If so, you may find this information pertinent: Congressman Steve King is in favor of bringing back the House Internal Security Committee to combat “the ugly spread of Marxism in America… particularly within the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama.” That was the proposal of right wing media magnate Cliff Kincaid for which Congressman Steve King reportedly offered support in a recent interview.

This is the same Congressman who predicted that Al-Qaeda would celebrate the election of Barack Obama, and later lamented the President’s decision to use his middle name during his inauguration. He’s also the same Congressman who openly supports racial profiling.  And in response to a crowd member who (bare with us, this is a little strange) was complaining earlier this summer about Obama’s alleged bringing of “small quantities of Muslims into this country,” Congressman King said he wouldn’t be surprised if that were true and promised to keep watching the situation.

Perhaps someone should alert Congressman King that McCarthyism fell out of style nearly half a century ago, along with the acceptability of black listing citizens based on their ideological beliefs. Witch hunts would be profoundly wrong even if they targeted real Marxists, and the attempted targeting of the Obama administration and its supporters as “Marxist” compounds the danger of going down that path with a good dose of absurdity. In effect, it peddles along with Michelle Bachmann’s equally absurd suggestion that members of Congress be investigated to “find out if they are pro-America or anti-America,” as part of her critique of Barack and Michelle Obama as harboring “anti-American views.”

Even if such rhetoric is only intended as cheap political red meat, it is still unacceptable. Constituents deserve better from their elected officials.